Condition monitoring & thermal imaging

When we purchase a machine we accept that it will not last forever. The problem isn’t that it will eventually fail but the consequences of it failing unexpectedly. In fact a machine is more likely to fail just when you need it most; when it is running for longer periods than usual or working that bit harder.

If you can predict the failure of a machine early enough you have an opportunity to do something about it, so as to minimise downtime and disruption to production. Often a simple remedial action such as re-greasing, bearing adjustment or bearing change at the right time can prevent not only failure but also any permanent damage or loss of production.

Unfortunately neither past experience nor downtime between failures can predict the failure of any particular machine. Some machines will fail much earlier and some much later than expected. The only approach to achieving such machine specific details is to utilise Condition Monitoring.

At Peel Bearings Tools & Filters we can offer you a Condition Monitoring (CM) service so you may implement a Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) program. The advantage to CBM is that it is scheduled when you have all the necessary components, having had time to order them. This means the process can be carried out at a time when it will cause the least disruption to your production.

We can tailor a condition monitoring program to suit your needs that may be adjusted when the need arises. Our staff and use the very latest in technology to monitor and report on the condition of your machines.

We also offer thermal imaging of your switch boards. This process can indicate when your wiring and switches are starting to overheat. We can pick up a problem when your plant is running at capacity so you can track down the problem before it becomes disastrous.

These services can save you lots of downtime, stress and money for the future.

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